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95% of our members are in one or more of our Advanced Training Clubs. How does it work?-After several months of training the instructors evaluate each student in 3 areas:

• Attitude: Keep a great, high-energy "I can do it" team attitude.
• Technique: Perform better and better each class with an eager attempt to master detail and technique.
• Attendance: Regularly attend at least 2 classes per week and make up any missed classes immediately. If a student is strong in all of these areas he or she will be given a sponsored invitation, signed by one of their instructors, to join either the BBC or Masters Club.

At that time the student will meet with Khru Hall to discuss all the details and benefits of joining an advanced training club.

Five More Reasons to Join!
1. These Programs Help You to Focus on becoming a Black Belt and keep you interested and challenged.
2. The Advanced Clubs Lock in your Tuition and protect you from tuition increases.
3. Receive an Advanced Training Club patch with your Enrollment!.
4. Be amongst the Elite and most Serious Members of our School!
5. Opportunity to add a 2nd program.

Attaining a Black Belt is a wonderful and rewarding, sometimes even life changing accomplishment. People who achieve Black Belts have proof that they can achieve nearly anything in life it they are willing to focus energy, overcome their obstacles and don’t give up. That’s the power of a Black Belt. It teaches us how to be anything!

If you’re not involved in an Advanced Training Club, you may be sabotaging essence setting yourself up for failure. Believe and you will achieve.

Advanced Club members receive special classes each week which allow them to train at a higher, more focused level than is possible in the basic group classes. Additionally, Advanced Club members learn specialized curriculum (ie. weapons, sparring).

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