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Total Defense’s primary focus is Self-Defense. An effective and proven mix of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Kali designed to provide all our students with the ability to defend themselves in any situation.

The Total Defense Philosophy
The Total Defense Philosophy addresses all areas of a real situation - striking, grappling, and weapons training. Originally developed by Mr. Camden for military, and law enforcement, this program was first brought to the public in 1998.

This method embraces the idea of cross training. This not only gives you well rounded martial arts skill but also two totally different workouts. The complete training program is available to all students who either partake in the Total Defense program or meet the eligibility requirements for our advanced training clubs.

You will learn the most proven and complete striking system in the world... Muay Thai Kickboxing - Learn to move with awesome speed and power - Guaranteed to increase your striking power by 60% in the 1st 90 days - You will learn to use elbows and knees (a woman's best friends) for absolutely devastating close range defense. Discover the secret to effective kicking and Muay Thai's use of low kicking in a real situation - Learn Thai boxing's simple but no nonsense answers to extreme close range defense and clinches - You will learn the most proven striking techniques of the world's top no holds barred fighters - Discover the truth as to why the vast majority of self-defense systems will not work in a real situation.

You will learn the worlds most complete and proven ground fighting system, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - What to do if you end up on the ground. Learn how defend yourself if a larger person is on top of you ready to end the fight - Learn unbelievably simple but effective ways to completely disable any attacker using arm bars, leg locks, and chokes - You will learn the world famous mata leon choke (the lion killer), this technique is so effective it will allow you to put an attacker completely to sleep, ending an attempted assualt within seconds - Discover techniques that will insure that no matter what your size, weight or athletic ability - YOU WILL NEVER BE A VICTIM.

'You will learn the world's most complete and proven weapons system, Kali – This Filipino martial art will teach you how to use an everyday item to ruin an attacker's day (tennis racquet, umbrella, stick, knife) - Discover why most weapons taught in other systems
are completely useless for a real situation - Learn to defend against an armed attacker who has a gun, knife or a stick

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